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Travel from Banda Aceh to Ketambe
To go from Banda Aceh to Ketambe you have few options: flight, combination of flight and minibus, direct minibus or 2 parts in different minibuses. Depending which option you chose and which one is available on the day you want to travel, it can take between few hours and 2 full days to reach Ketambe from Banda Aceh.
  1. Direct flight from Banda Aceh to Kutacane and public or private transport to Ketambe - 3:30 hour
  2. Flight from Banda Aceh to Medan and onward on the road to Ketambe - 12 hour
  3. Direct minibus from Banda Aceh along the east coast road via Medan and Kutacane - 22 hours
  4. Minibuses along the inland road via Takengon and Belangkejeren to Ketambe - at least 20 hours
 1.  Flight from Banda Aceh to Kutacane
The flight service depends on anual contracts between air carriers and the airports.
Currently the airline SusiAir has one flight per week between Banda Aceh and Kutacane on Wednesday. SusiAir is a reliable and safe airline. They use modern, but small aircrafts. Pilots are from western countries. They always fly with one pilot and one co-pilot.
For the route between Banda Aceh and Kutacane a Cessna C208b is used. The plane can carry a maximum of 12 passengers only. SusiAir allows 6 kg of cabin baggage and 10 kg of hold baggage. For overweight there is an extra charge. The flight time between Banda Aceh and Kutacane is about 90 minutes. Please check the schedule and prices here.
Ticket booking in advance is difficult, try phone or email: Hotline: +62811211-3080 or 3090; Email:; Website: There is a SusiAir counter at Banda Aceh airport open on the days a flight is scheduled.

Airplane Cessna from Susi Air

The airfield Kutacane, official name is "Alas Leuser Airport", is about 20 km outside Kutacane city. From the airfield to the main road (Simpang Semadam) its a 15 minutes ride by becak. If a plane arrives, there is also public transport with a Labi Labi available. On the mainroad in the village of Semadam wait for a minibus to Kutacane city. Expect to pay about 30,000 IDR for becak and minibus. If you have direct connection in Semadam it takes about 45 minutes to reach the city of Kutacane. To reach Ketambe from Kutacane city take a Labi Labi. If you like to have more comfort, we offer a shuttle service by car from the airfield Kutacane direct to Ketambe. The ride takes about 80 minutes. Please ask for availibility and price.
Ahmad (the owner of Friendship Guesthouse) has a friend, who works at the airport Kutacane and gives him always the latest information about the timetable and prices. He can help making bookings for flights departing from Kutacane only.
 2.  Flight to Medan and onward on the road to Ketambe
If there is no direct flight to Kutacane you can go by air to Medan Kuala Namu Airport first. Currently there are 10 flights per day. Most  flights are operated by Lion Air. Other airlines are Garuda Indonesia and Interlink Airlines. The first flight departs at 6:00 AM, the last at 6:00 PM. The flight time to Medan is 1:15 hour. From Medan Airport to Ketambe go by public transport as described on our separate page, click here.
 3.  Minibus on the east coast road via Medan and Kutacane
From the bus station in the city centre of Banda Aceh you can catch one of the few direct minibuses to Kutacane via Medan. This tiring journey will take between 20 and 22 hours. The minibus terminates in Kutacane city. If you cannot catch the direct minibus to Kutacane, it is also possible to go to Medan by big bus or minibus first. Until Medan it takes about 10 to 12 hours. Change over there and continue to Kutacane as described on a separate page, click here.
 4.  Minibuses on the inland road via Takengon and Belangkejeren to Ketambe
The most adventurous way to come from Banda Aceh to Ketambe is to use the only inland road. Parts go through the Leuser National Park. This road is only drivable with minibuses.
The first part goes to Takengon situated beside the lake Tawar. This part will takes about 8 to 10 hours. It is convenient to stay overnight in Takengon and continue the next morning.
The second part is from Takengon by minibus with destination Kutacane. It goes via Belangkejeren and sometimes you need to change over there again. You don't need to go to the final destination Kutacane, but you have to stop and jump off 45 minutes before - in Ketambe. Please ask the driver. From Takengon to Ketambe it takes about 8 to 9 hours again. If you have a stopover in Belangkjeren it can take even longer. At some days of the week there is a night minibus available.

Takengon - Lake Tawar

Minibus from BTN

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©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2019
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2019
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2019
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