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Pictures from Jungle Trekking Tours

On the road from Ketambe to the jungle

Sun shines through the dense jungle trees

Observe animals high in the tree

Swing the liana - Tarzan is calling

Tent setting at campsite C1

Having a meal at campsite C1

Tent made out of plastic foil at C1

Tourists, guides and porters at C1

Guides, porters and their guests at C1

Take a swim in the river at C1

Preparing/cleaning food for the dinner

Preparations for the dinner

Ready to cook - vegetable and tempe

Pot over fire - rice is boiling

Chicken curry is cooking

Relax beside the river

Easy river crossing - low water

River crossing - normal water level

Difficult river crossing - high water level

River crossing through strong currents

Hard work - River crossing in high water level

Guide Atja brings the bags through the river

Break beside the river

Easy treks are suitable for small children

Kids enjoy the jungle

Steam at the hot spring area

Campsite HS beside the hot springs

Relax in warm water at the hot springs

Small river inside the jungle

Guide Safar with Amorphus Phallus (tallest flower)

Guide JFK found a scull of an Orang Utan

Setting for a guests birthday in the jungle

Fun with training of Saman dance

Camp setting at C2

Under the plastic "tent" during rain

Wait for dry clothes at campsite C2

Crossing river to reach campsite C4

Camp setting beside the river at C4

It rains in the rain forest at campsite C4

Banana pancake for breakfast at C4

Camp setting at campsite C6

Catched river fish is grilled over open fire

Tasty - BBQ river fish

More than 40 pictures are shown in our gallery about jungle trekking tours.
Here no pictures of wildlife are displayed. To see orang utans, monkeys, other animals, birds, butteflies, insects and plants please check our other galeries.
Here you can see pictures of camp settings at different places at campsites C1, HS (hot springs), C2, C4, and C6.
You can get impressions how people cross the river and about the hot spring area.
Pictures were provided from guests, guides and porters, who allow us to display it on our website.

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Ketambe Jungle Trekking & Tours
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2024
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2024
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2024
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2024
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