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Guesthouse Accommodation
If you arrive in Ketambe from Kutacane you will realize the local restaurant on the left and opposite a small shop. About 150 meters further on the left side you will find the Friendship Guesthouse. Watch the sign. Our property is situated between the only paved road and the parallel flowing river Alas. The distance between the road and the river is about 150 meters.
For accommodation we offer three attached concrete bungalows (A-B-C), three stand-alone wooden bungalows (1-2-3), one building with 2 wooden rooms (4-5) and one building with 3 wooden rooms (6-7-8). Each bungalow and each room has its own attached bathroom. Bungalow C and room 8 have 2 single beds. All other bungalows and rooms are equipped with a double sized springbed with mosquito net.
For details see description and picture gallery below.

Concrete bungalow A

Concrete bungalow - terrace

Concrete bungalow - inside

Concrete bungalow - bathroom

Wooden bungalow 1 - BLUE

Wooden bungalow 2 - GREEN

Wooden bungalow 3 - YELLOW

Wooden bungalow - inside

Wooden bungalow - inside

Wooden bungalow - bathroom

Wooden rooms 4-5

Wooden rooms 6-7-8

Hammock area beside river

The wooden bungalows were built between 2008 and 2011 in the typical style on stilts with a corrugated sheet roof. Each of them is painted in a different color. Each wooden room/ bungalow  (size is 3,50 x 4,00 m) is equiped with a double sized bed and a concrete and tiled bathroom (2,50 x 1,50 m) with western style toilet and indonesian style shower (mandi). In front of the bungalow is the terrace (4,00 x 1,50 m) with table and wooden bench and the possibility to set a hamock.
At the green bank of the river there is a covered hamock hanging area for your convenience. New walkways from the restaurant to the bungalows and down to the river were built in 2015. Food and drinks can be ordered at the restaurant. Room service is available.
The newer concrete bungalows were built in 2015 and have large rooms (5,50 x 4,50 m) with a tiled floor. The attached bathrooms are equipped with tiles on the floor and at walls, mirror, bracket and a towel rail, a western style toilet and a shower with cold water. For the double bed (in A and B) and the 2 single beds (in C) are mosquito nets available. The room has a small cabinet, a rack for clothes and hooks.
In front of the bungalow is the terrace (5,50 x 1,50 m) with rattan table and rattan armchairs.
The price for one stand-alone wooden bungalow (No. 1, 2, 3) is 70,000 IDR per night. One room in a wooden building (No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) is 50,000 IDR per night. For the larger and newer concrete bungalows (No. A, B, C) with western shower the price is 100,000 IDR per night.  All rooms and bungalows are suitable for one or two people.
In the bungalows (1, 2, 3, A, B, C) its possible to put an extra bed for a 3rd person. It costs 20,000 IDR extra in a wooden bungalow and 30,000 IDR extra in a concrete bungalow. Prices for rooms/bungalows do not include breakfast. You can get breakfast in our restaurant.
It is recommended to book accommodation in advance, especially in the high season July, August and December.
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©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2018
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2018
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2018
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2018
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