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Ketambe - The Friendship Restaurant
  Ketambe - Friendship Restaurant - Frontview    
  Friendship Restaurant (2016)    

The Friendship restaurant is a large area, not only for having a meal or a drink. Its also a place for relaxing, reading books, playing games (chess, backgammon, cards), talking with other travelers or local people.

At the restaurant building you can find the reception, a small shop (toko), large maps and some books for exchange. There are tables and chairs for dining and bomboo furniture for relaxing.
  Ketambe Restaurant - Front Entrance   Ketambe Restaurant - Bamboo Furniture    
  Restaurant - Front Entrance (2016)   Bamboo Furniture Corner (2016)    
  Ketambe Restaurant - Informationboard   Ketambe Restaurant - Book exchange and Toko    
  Information board - maps   Book Exchange and Toko    
  Ketambe - Restaurant - Set table   Ketambe - Restaurant - Table    
  Richly set table   Playing games or reading books    
  Birthdayparty in the Restaurant    
  Birthdayparty with cake & barbecue - Organized by Friendship Restaurant    
  Kitchen and shop    
The kitchen has all facilities to prepare everything fresh. Licenced bottled drinking water is delivered in 20 litre drums. Vegetable, fruit and meat is stored in the fridge. For cooking we use gas. There are also some kitchen machines using electricity (toaster, juice mixer, rice cooker).
  Ketambe Restaurant - Toko and Kitchen    
  Toko (small shop) - kitchen - refrigerator, drinking water machine    
Sometimes there is no electricity available. So its not possible to prepare some dishes or drinks (e.g. peanut sauce, fruit juices).
At the small shop (toko) you can buy few things of daily needs, like bottled drinks (water, Coke, Sprite, Fanta), cookies, snacks, but also candles, soap and shampoo.
  The menu - a set of indonesian and western food and drinks    
And ofcourse you can enjoy having fresh prepared meals and drinks. Ahmad, the cook and owner of Friendship guesthouse & restaurant, is ready to serve local and western dishes for moderate prices.
  Ketambe Restaurant - Menu Page1 Ketambe Restaurant - Menu Page2    
  To check out the menu click on Menu of Friendship restaurant (pdf).    
For each bungalow exist an own order book. In general you should write down your orders by yourself. It means that you don't have to pay after every meal. The bill will be prepared at the end of your visit or after a fixed time, if you stay longer.
  Do it the indonesian way    
Everytime it is possible to prepare an indonesian style dinner. Please let the cook know at least one day in advance to do all arrangements.
  Ketambe Restaurant - Family Dinner   Ketambe Restaurant - Barbecue Chicken    
  Dinner with Ahmads family   Barbecue chicken    
Typical indonesian dishes - some samples
Ketambe Restaurant - Gado Gado
Ketambe Restaurant - Nasi Goreng
Gado gado (mixed boiled vegetable, topped with spicy peanut sauce)
Nasi goreng (fried rice, vegetable,
topped with an fried egg)
  Ketambe Restaurant - Ayam Goreng   Ketambe Restaurant - Sate Ayam    
  Ayam goreng (fried chicken with spicy crisp)   Sate ayam (grilled chicken pieces
with spicy peanut sauce)
  Ketambe Restaurant - Lontong   Ketambe Restaurant - Soto Ayam    
  Lontong (Sticky Rice in a gravy with vegetable, eggs and roasted onion)   Soto ayam (Chicken soup with chips,
vegetable and roastet onion)
  Ketambe Restaurant - Fried Tempe   Ketambe Restaurant - Krupuk    
  Tempe goreng (fried tempe, made from beans, peanuts and soya)   Krupuk (fresh chips with taste of
potatoes, chicken or shrimps)
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