The Lonely Planet Guidebook - 9th Edition (January 2010)

Here the Friendship Guesthouse is recommended as "OUR PICK".

Lonely Planet - Recommendation 2010


The Lonely Planet Guidebook - 10th Edition (May 2013)

The text doesn't include any recommendations anymore for Ketambe.
The geographical listing of all guesthouses in Ketambe is totaly wrong.
The text haven't changed much from the 9th edition.

Lonely Planet - Recommendation 2013


The Lonely Planet Guidebook - 11th Edition (July 2016)

The prices for our accommodation are incomplete.
We still have rooms/bungalows for 50,000 and 70,000 IDR.
The text haven't changed much from the 10th edition.
Two out of six guesthouses in Ketambe are not listed anymore.

Lonely Planet - Recommendation 2016